Saturday, September 3, 2011


I'm going to the Toronto Film Festival this year with the fellas over at The Pink Smoke. Between September 8th-16th I'll be using cocaine in my coffee instead of equal (I got a lot of movies to see). Here's how i planned each day out...

DAY 1:

Thanks to 'Melancholia' I'm gonna miss the first 20 minutes or so of 'We Need To Talk About Kevin. Needless to say I'm not happy about this, but 'Melancholia' takes priority over just about anything at the festival. Sorry, Lynne Ramsay. I'll try not to make too much noise walking in to your film late. After a little break I'm gonna check out 'The Ides Of March' because its the only thing that looks interesting during that time.
*I was also able to get a separate ticket for Aki Kaurismaki's latest; 'Le Havre' @ 9:30pm

DAY 2:

This is gonna be a fun day. I get to see 'Drive' along with new films from Pedro Almodovar (The Skin I live In) and Bertrand Bonello (House Of Tolerance). I haven't read that many good reviews on 'House Of Tolerance', but just like the U.S. reviews on Bonello's other films (which i think are brilliant), I'm pretty sure most of these critics got it wrong again. Picking 'House Of Tolerance' was a tough decision as I'm not gonna be able to see 'The Artist' because they're playing at the same time. I don't know much about 'Take Shelter' but Michael Shannon can make just about any movie watchable. Even disappointing stuff like Herzog's 'My Son, My Son' and 'Shotgun Stories' (sorry, I didn't like that movie). I have no idea what 'Always Brando' is, but the description sounded good.

DAY 3:

NEW TODD SOLONDZ (Dark Horse), so needless to say I'm very excited about Saturday. As you can see, this is gonna be a busy-ass day. Andrea Arnold's new film (Wuthering Heights) is playing that day as well. I'm not all that excited about it (i never read the book), but she hasn't let me down yet (Red Road & Fish Tank) so I'll give this a shot. 'Carre Blanc' is getting a nice buzz and being compared to the work of Tarkovsky. The trailer for this film is GREAT, but I'm worried this is gonna be some 'Adjustment Bureau'-type shit. We'll see. And I picked '360' because I recognized the director Fernando Mierlles (City Of God & Constant Gardner).

DAY 4:

There's a strong chance I may not even wake up at 8:45am, so I might miss 'Rampart' (apparently Woody Harrelson is supposed to be great in this). However, If i do manage to wake up for it and its not good, I'm gonna be very pissed which isn't a good transition in to the next film; 'Damsels In Distress'. I am NOT a fan of Whit Stillman or mumblecore starlet; Greta Gerwig. But Alia Shawkat is in this so I have no choice. 'Twixt' is Francis Ford Coppola's new vampire film starring Val Kilmer. That just sounds like a disaster but I'm gonna give it a try. Then its 'Dark Girls', directed by Bill Duke. He's one of those night & day actor/directors like Tom Noonan. As an actor, Bill Duke has co-starred in stuff like 'Predator' and 'Commando', but as a director he's made films like 'Deep Cover' and 'A Rage In Harlem', so this should be interesting. It looks good but it also sounds like a downer which is why I'm watching 'Sleepless Night' afterwards. It looks like a fun/mindless action movie.

DAY 5:

A busy day full of movies i know nothing about. Steve Mcqueen & Michael Fassbinder delivered with 2008's 'Hunger', so I expect they'll do the same with 'Shame'. I don't know anything about 'Livid' except that it stars Beatrice Dalle and that's all i need. 

DAY 6:

Another 6 movie day. I told myself I wasn't gonna watch the 'Descendants' because Alexander Payne is one of the MAIN culprits of Solondz-thievery. Sorry, but its true. But there's nothing else playing around that time that looks interesting, so whatever. I may not even wake up that early. I kinda want to see 'Moneyball', but 'Kill List' and 'Tyrannosaur' conflict with that. I'm a huge Paddy Considine fan so I'm very anxious to see what his directorial debut is gonna be like. But I'm having 2nd thoughts and I don't wanna be depressed by British kitchen sink realism, so I think I'm going with Moneyball. And because of Kill List, I'm gonna miss the first 10 minutes of Moneyball. Then I'm ending the day off with Werner Herzog's film that I wasn't even aware of. Nice Surprise. 

DAY 7:

Alexander Sokurov's new film was a nice surprise. The stuff that I could find on youtube looked just as visually amazing and tarkovsky-esque as all his other work. For the rest of the day we're doing some repeats (assuming Dark Horse and Carre Blanc turn out to be good. If they aren't, I'm gonna re-plan this day out). And the more I think about it, I'm not gonna make that early 'Rampart' screening. Looks like i have a 2nd chance to see it.

DAY 8:

the last day is kinda "meh". I may spend the rest of the day looking for Alia Shawkat if she's still there 


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