Friday, June 23, 2017


In this latest installment of The School Of Tarkovsky we're going to look at some more comparisons that may have slipped through the cracks in these last few months. If you follow me on twitter then some of these will look familiar. But for those of you who do not - here are some additional comparisons/visual similarities from regular students of Tarkovsky like Claire Denis (one of the casting directors on Sacrifice), Terrence Malick & Carlos Reygadas.

I also added some new/more recognizable filmmakers to this series.

Some of these comparisons could be reaches but I like to think that even if (some of) these filmmakers were not directly influenced by Andrei Tarkovsky that the (coincidental) visual similarities are still pretty strong.


Solaris / Trouble Every Day

Sacrifice / Beetlejuice

Stalker / IT (2017)

Sacrifice / Blade Runner (2017)

Stalker / Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom

Ivan's Childhood / Tree Of Life

Andrei Rublev / This Is My Kingdom

Sacrifice / The Passion Of Darkly Noon


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