Thursday, August 13, 2020


When Kevin asked me to participate on the subject of “weird suburbia” a few things came to mind. Blue Velvet, Parents, Meet The Applegates. All personal favorites of mine. It’s a broad & beautiful topic so naturally there are a wide range of things to chose from. But nothing says “weird suburbia” to me more than The Adventures Of Pete & Pete. It’s the perfect example of G-rated dark humor (a rare & odd mix).

“Field Of Pete” is, in my opinion, the perfect example of the show’s overall tone, vibe, humor & ambiance captured all in one episode. It has everything. Surreality, creepy adults, goofy humor, disorienting cinematography & editing and even a reference to The Night Of The Hunter...

In this “kindest cut” of Field Of Pete, Kevin & I captured the essence of the episode (and the show in general) by highlighting the important moments all while maintaining the narrative.

It should be noted that this episode (and other episodes of Pete & Pete) were shot by Michael Spiller who happens to be the semi-regularly used cinematographer of Hal Hartley (one of my all-time favorite directors). Actually, my love for Pete & Pete grew even bigger when I became an adult and discovered quite a few Hartley regulars were involved with Pete & Pete throughout the years (Spiller, Martin Donovan, Damian Young, etc). This connection sort of combined one of my favorite things from childhood with one of my favorite things from adulthood.
Actually, if you haven't explored the films of Hal Hartley I high suggest you do as his films (specifically the early films) explore the idea of weird suburbia on Long Island which is a world unto it's own.



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