Friday, March 1, 2019


From the regular culprits (Jarmusch & Hal Hartley) to not-so familiar faces (Charlie Ahearn), we take another look at Godard's (POSSIBLE) influence on modern cinema.


I admire Jean-Luc Godard and I think it's impossible today for anyone making cinema to escape from his influence - Hal Hartley
Masculin Feminin / The Book Of Life

New York Times: Was your own filmmaking influenced by Godard?

Jim Jarmusch: Certainly. “Breathless” was really inspiring to me formally. With that one, he didn’t have enough money to shoot a film with sound. It’s all dubbed after the fact, so he could go out on the street and just shoot in a guerrilla style, which is how I started out. And he used jump-cutting to facilitate the ability to edit something out of whatever he shot.
Masculin Feminin / Permanent Vacation

Masculin Feminin

King Of New York / Contempt

Band Of Outsiders / Cold War

Godard, Fellini and Bergman were my heroes - David Lynch
Vivre Sa Vie / Inland Empire

Vivre Sa Vie / Mister Lonely

Weekend /
Synecdoche New York

A Married Woman / The Best Day Of My Life

Contempt / Belle Du Jour / King Of New York

I think the only people who really experienced film are people like Jean-Luc Godard, you know? He really experienced the texture - Claire Denis
A Married Woman / Trouble Every Day

Vivre Sa Vie / Inland Empire

Breathless / Chungking Express

First Name Carmen / Our Time

First Name Carmen / Revanche

Breathless / Kreutzer Sonata


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