Thursday, September 13, 2018


I hate conservatives but I really hate liberals - Matt Stone

South Park co-creator Matt Stone isn’t an important political authority in any way but his quote above from years ago pretty much represents how I feel these days. And I need to make it clear that with the rise of conservatism in the African American community these days that I’m not one of those people. Their shit is so transparent and a little sad. I understand rebelling against being a democrat and/or liberal simply because you’re Black. But don’t stand on the platform of; “Being a black conservative means we’re free thinkers and we aren’t sheep” and then proceed to think alike and act like sheep.

But Jesus fucking Christ are today’s liberals & Democrats pissing me off more than ever.
Case in point - they’re ridiculous criticism of Errol Morris’ recent documentary...

I don’t know exactly what people wanted Errol Morris to do. For those of you that don’t know, Errol Morris has been under a little bit of fire for American Dharma because, according to twitter-finger leftist social justice warriors, he didn’t “go hard enough” or “go at” documentary subject Steve Bannon. Certain people feel like American Dharma is a platform for Steve Bannon to spew his racist & islomophobic views (and they certainly are). But like, do people leading the charge against American Dharma feel like if this movie shows in cinemas it’s going to convert people to the tea party or something? Do you think it will be the cause of a hate crime? If you like or dislike Steve Bannon before going in to this, you’re going to feel the same way coming out. The only thing is, you will (hopefully) be a little more enlightened having seen a really good film. I can attest having actually seen American Dharma that I haven’t been converted to the dark side and I still want nothing to do with Steve Bannon as a person.

In my opinion, Bannon, along with many others, represents “the enemy” as far as I’m concerned (sorry to sound so dramatic but have you read any of the shit that he’s either co-signed or fully signed off on long before getting to the White House?). But even your enemy deserves a platform. Don’t you want to be clear as to why you dislike someone? Even I’m curious to hear what this guy has to say. Listen...I kinda understand where these emotional anti-American Dharma folks are coming from. I pretty much hate the political right but silencing them or calling them “nazis” right out of the gate doesn’t accomplish anything (god, I fear that sentence made me sound like a conservative. I assure you I’m not).

For folks who have honestly seen the movie and claim that Errol Morris went easy on Steve Bannon - what movie were you watching? Honestly. On multiple occasions Errol Morris not only cuts Bannon off mid-discussion, but he also lets it be known that he feels some of Bannon’s policies are racist & islamophobic. What the fuck else do you want the man to do? Do you really think Steve Bannon would agree to appear in American Dharma had Errol Morris went at him in an aggressive way?

This is not only one of the best films at the festival, but it’s also one of the best films of the year (rational-minded folks should appreciate it). Let’s just hope in the instantly “cancelled” era that we live in, the movie doesn’t get suppressed in any way.


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