Monday, July 9, 2018


I know it's been a while since we've looked at Godard's influence here at PINNLAND EMPIRE (check out part one if you haven't already) but we're back with an all new post.

In part two we're going to look at some obvious, yet overlooked examples ranging from Hal Hartey & Leos Carax (who, like Godard, wrote for Cahier Du Cinema prior to becoming a filmmaker and used some of the same actors that Godard used) to Xavier Dolan & Claire Denis (elements of Beau Travail are directly connected to one of Godard's classic films).

And, like usual, some of these examples are a little far out (White Of The Eye) and probably coincidental (Rocky), but the similarities are there nonetheless.


Leos Carax's use of Black & White cinematography, plaid & striped clothing and dance in Boy Meets Girl (right) all seem very reminiscent of Godard's Band Of Outsiders...

It should also be noted that Leos Carax appears in Godard's King Lear
Band Of Outsiders / Boy Meets Girl

The French New Wave vs. the Czech New Wave...
Vivre Sa Vie / Loves Of A Blonde

Agnes Varda (right) ran in similar film circles with Godard (left) so perhaps there was some subconscious influence? You be the judge...
A Married Woman . La Bonheur

Rumor has it that Xavier Dolan has never seen a Godard film. That may very be well true but I find that hard to believe given the comparison below (note both the color schemes and the similar shots of the naked bodies)
Contempt / Heartbeats 

Alphaville / Les Rendezvous D'Anna

Michel Subor plays the same character in both films so this one isn't really up for debate...
Le Petite Soldat / Beau Travail

Alphaville / Lost Highway

The Cranberries are on record saying Alphaville was an influence on their music video for Linger...
Alphaville / Linger

Hal Harley was once dubbed "The Jean Luc Godard of Long Island" and this example below might be one of the many reasons why (I always associated Hartley more with Bresson but there is definitely a Godard connection in some of his work)
First Name Carmen /
No Such Thing

Passion /

Vivre Sa Vie /

Pierrot Le Fou / The White Of The Eye

Twin Peaks / Vivre Sa Vie

Vivre Sa Vie / Friday Night

Vivre Sa Vie / The Match Factory Girl


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