Friday, March 18, 2016


Here's a film put together by Hip-Hop Slam documenting Dj's Mista B, Quest, DnZ & Alf on their trip to Japan following the earthquake/tsunami that hit in 2011.

When each of the four members of what would become the Hip Hop Slam Presents Positive Omen Tour first heard news of the March 11, 2011 earthquake/tsunami that devastated Japan they knew that they had to do their part - no matter how small - to help alleviate the pain & suffering caused by the disaster. Hence the impetus for the August 2011 turntablist tour of Japan by American DJs Quest, ALF, Mista B, and DnZ with proceeds benefiting the victims via money donated to places such as Second Harvest Japan ( This DVD captures that intense one week benefit tour that took the four traveling US DJs via trains/planes/buses throughout Japan with stops including Osaka, Okinawa,Kyoto, and Tokyo where the turntablist tour came to a halt on Sunday, August 15th with a final performance by all four DJs at the East Japan DMC Finals. Along the way you will see amazing live freestyle turntablism displays - as well as get a flavor of a country still in recovery five months after a crippling natural disaster.

Beyond the human concern felt for the victims, the Positive Omen DJs each had a strong bond with Japan - either knowing folks over there or having spent time there themselves. "I felt great going back to my second home bringing positive energy," shared DJ ALF who had lived in Japan for 3 years. Meanwhile DJ DnZ, who had lived in Japan even more recently for a year up until Feb 2011, said that the tour was something he needed to do to help. But, he said, it was also a lot of fun along the way. "Japan, music, scratching, sushi, women, beats. More sushi and more scratchin'!," laughed DnZ of the tour that allowed each of the four turntablists to showcase their individual skills and also as a team. Speaking some months after the tour DJ Quest said that, "It was a real privilege to use our DJ'ing skills to raise awareness for a cause of this nature." Be sure to check out Quest's "Finger Lights Scratch Routine" at the East Japan DMC as an example of a fine solo set. Also joining the tour was Quest's teenaged son Alex - aka DJ Train - who not only worked behind the scenes with merch and sound but also got busy on the turntables at one of the venues on the tour. In the DVD's footage you will feel like you are along for the tour that took the DJs from Shibuya-Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Okinawa, Roppongi, and then back to Shibuya with stops at all kinds of venues. "We were doing all kinds of gigs and events ranging from in-stores, live stream shows, party rocking events, and showcasing. We also took numerous forms of transportation to get around; from taxi's to bullet trains. You name it, we rode it," laughed Mista B of the tour that, as seen from this DVD, was both fun and benefiting a most worthwhile cause.
- Billy Jam (Hip-Hop Slam)

This project is special to me on a personal level because it not only shows a side of my life that has kind of taken a backseat over the years (scratch DJing/turntablism), but it also features music that I worked on with another good friend of mine by the name of Dj Trife* (my friendships/relationships/connections with some of the folks featured/involved in this noble video go back 15 years).

our music can be heard at 05:27 & 34:47

*not all the music in the video is mine

You can check out the film in its entirety below.



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