Friday, September 26, 2014


Hey Guys,

I’m here to let you know about another cool film project that’s currently in the midst of a fundraising campaign. I’m not going to blast just any ol’ movie project on kickstarter or indiegogo that I didn’t personally think had something to offer. The synopsis of The Quantified Self really caught my attention as it seems to flow in the same lane as films like Primer, Upstream Color or even more random stuff like Meet The Applegates

A driven, haunted father of two, Lozinski, feels compelled to record all aspects of his day and takes pride in his healthy but strict lifestyle choices. He lives with his wife, Clare and their twin daughters, Daniela1 and Daniela2 in a secluded farmhouse away from outside influences. Under Lozinski's watchful eye (and a mysterious Pillar), the family constantly tracks and seeks to improve their diet, sleep, fitness levels, brain activity, and relationships. While Clare and Daniela1 successfully adhere to Lozinski's demands for data collection and improvement, Daniela2, with her more natural personality, proves a tougher sell. Under mounting pressure from her family, Daniela2’s inability—or perhaps unwillingness—to fall in line threatens to tear either her or the family apart.

Below is a link to the page where you can donate to make this project happen. They’re offering an amazing opportunity for filmmakers to have a free one month membership to (where the project is currently being spotlighted) for a donation as low as $5 (click the link below to see all the other cool packages they’re offering right now)


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