Friday, May 16, 2014


I don’t normally post about upcoming Criterions because ever since I started this blog I haven’t been too excited about much new stuff they’ve put out. Obviously there have been a few exceptions (Thief, Repo Man, Breaking The Waves, The Long Day Closes) but generally speaking, whenever new Criterions are announced I end up shrugging my shoulders in indifference. But THIS calls for a celebration! Love Streams, John Cassavetes’ unofficial "last film", has been one of the biggest speculations on all the criterion forums for many many years, but after years of no solid evidence I started to give up all hope. But actually seeing the cover art above (which could be a little better if you ask me, but whatever…) just gives me goose bumps!

This gives me hope for another major speculation that’s been on the radar of many criterion junkies for years…

The Wim Wenders Road Trilogy (Alice In Cities, The Wrong Move, Kings Of The Road)

Love Streams comes out on August 12th (my birthday is August 7th, but I’ll accept a late gift)


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