Monday, October 8, 2012

INSIDE THE PHOENIX PODCAST (and other updates: All Tomorrow's Children, Halloween & Rarely Recommended)

Well I no longer have to feel guilty about saying the phrase; "check out my site". With a little help from Jegman, PINNLAND EMPIRE is now a dotcom. This is perfect timing because not only is this a big week here at the site (reviews on Morvern Callar & Abel Ferrara's misunderstood masterpiece; Mary scheduled for this week) but it coincides with the podcast I did for Inside The Phoenix a few months back which you can finally check out right here. Listen as I talk about everything from film criticism & race to music & design.

When you're done listening to the podcast, check out the latest Rarely Recommended entry over at The Pink Smoke and read my write-up of Tom Noonan's underrated masterpiece; What Happened Was... along with John Cribb's write-up of Another Lonely Hitman.

After this week PINNLAND EMPIRE will be all about Halloween. Starting in Mid-October myself and a few other guest writers will be delving in to the world of underrated, unconventional & misunderstood Halloween-themed movies. Stay tuned...

And lastly, a very talented filmmaker, artist & musician by the name of Jon-Carlos Evans is doing an Indiegogo fundraiser for his feature film; All Tomorrow's Children - the story about a trio of misfit teens trapped in an American paradox of time travel and failed institutions. Go to this link right HERE to check out more info and to donate.

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