Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've been going over old blog entries here & there to make some adjustments. There may have been a comparison that I missed when I originally wrote something, an important point I completely forgot to make, or maybe I re-watched a movie recently and something just came to me that I hadn't noticed before. In this first installment we take a closer look at the world of movie poster art (specifically action films from the 60's & 70's) and its influence on 'The American' and Kenneth Anger's small influence on 'Drive'. I've also been slowly reading "Brutal Intimacy"; a new book/analysis on modern french cinema with a focus on feature film debuts, the coming of age genre and the "the new french extremity" scene (Gaspar Noe, Bruno Dumont, Marina De Van, Francois Ozon, Marina De Van, etc). While I'm reading a film book I usually like to have the related films on rotation at the same time. Marina De Van's 'In My Skin' has been on heavy rotation for the last few days and there's a few more quick points I forgot to make when I originally wrote this over a year ago.



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