Thursday, July 21, 2011


Are stylish & atmospheric action films like 'Thief', 'Manhunter', 'Violent Cop', 'Boiling Point', 'Crash' and other great works of art from the 80's and 90's making a comeback?? From the looks of this trailer...could be. I see every character Steve McQueen has ever played, Michael Mann in his prime ('Theif' to be specific) and elements of Kubrick with a touch of Tarantino (...i know, i know, but still), and even a little Takeshi Kitano all wrapped up in to one amazing movie. And even from the few clips I've seen online, the synthy soundtrack is reminiscent of the music Tangerine Dream made for the films of Michael Mann and William Friedken. Plus Christina Hendricks is always a nice touch. I haven't heard one bad thing about this movie yet (when's the last time a violent action movie got a standing ovation at Cannes before?). Looks like i may have to revise my top 10 active directors list after i see this. Nicolas Refn has slowly been growing on me over the years (the criminally underrated 'Fear X' is one of my current favorites at the moment). He's constantly adapting and changing his style. From the gritty Cassavetes-influenced 'Pusher trilogy', to the stylish Clockwork Orange-inspired 'Bronson' to the trippy Tarkovsky-esque 'Valhalla Rising'. I cant wait for this!

And be sure to check these out if you haven't seen them already. Something tells me that a better understanding of these films and this genre will make for a better viewing experience when you go see 'Drive'


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