Friday, May 13, 2011


Here's a clip from 'we need to talk about kevin', which breaks the almost decade-long feature film hiatus of one of my favorite directors; Lynne Ramsay (who is apparently so influenced by Terrance Mallick, that not only are her films reminiscent of his style, but she puts out work just as sporadically as he does too). This also marks John C Reilly's return to dramatic acting. Its been a while hasn't it? And if he has done some recent dramatic/serious acting, it obviously wasn't that memorable.
I gotta be honest, this is a testament to how much i love Ramsay. Had any other director made a film about a high school shooting post-2003/gus vant sant's 'elephant' (in this films case, the AFTERMATH of a high school shooting, and a mother having to deal with the fact that it was her son who committed the killing spree) i wouldn't be interested at all. But i blindly trust her to do this story justice. She hasn't let me down yet. Plus, her debut ('Ratcatcher') dealt with somewhat similar themes and issues.
I hope this is playing at Toronto or New York (I'll be in attendance at both film festivals this year). 2011 is looking up...


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