Friday, July 2, 2010


So yeah, i finally started a blog like the rest of the world. Normally i write movie stuff for the flud watches site which is mainly dedicated to newer/recent movies. But i watch a lot more shit than just new releases.
For those of you that know me pretty well, you know that not only do i watch a lot of movies, but there's usually a handful directors i ALWAYS talk about (micahel haneke, werner herzog, hal hartley, todd solondz, jim jarmusch, john cassavetes, etc). But believe it or not i watch movies from a lot more people than that regular go-to list.
Since im a director oriented person (thanks to the old video stores back in amherst that use to organize their selection by director), im gonna use use this blogspot to write about the films a different director i explore every week or so. maybe post some music shit from time to time, but mainly movie-related stuff.

The first 3 directors i'll be exploring go:

1. Thomas Vinterberg (celebration, all about love, dear wendy)
2. John Carpenter (the thing, they live, assault on precinct 13 and a lot more)
3. William Friedken (the french connection, exorcist, blue chips, cruising, etc.)


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