Friday, December 8, 2017


I certainly appreciate the positive feedback that I've been getting on these over the years but like any human being I sometimes focus on the 2 or 3 negative comments I get when I really shouldn't. In the last year I've seen the occasional hostile comment regarding image comparisons to the work of Tarkovsky and it really perplexes me. I mean - these are some of the same people who literally use the word "influential" to describe Tarkovsky and his work but when you show them an image like the one below they get all worked up...

Andrei Rublev  / The Element Of Crime

And you know what - I'm not even going to look up another Lars Von Trier interview where he gushes over & praises Tarkovsky. Go back and look at some of my previous entries or read a book (something I'm convinced these 20 year old know-it-all cinephiles are not doing because they think collecting all the criterion movies is what you need to do in order to understand cinema).

Just look at what this guy wrote recently on twitter about a comparison made by my friend Martin Kessler...

while he does kind of have point on some level, this was a Tree Of Life comparison. At this point does anyone (besides blindly combative people or stupid people) need any convincing that The Mirror was a major influence on The Tree Of Life both visually and story-wise?

With that being said, check out the next comparison in this new entry...

The Mirror / The Tree Of Life

Above you see a reenactment of each of the respective director's parents having an intimate moment rolling around in the grass. Both scenes are shot similarly. Both mothers have read hair. But there's probably someone out there who would still argue that these have nothing in common. Can I just say that people who are blindly combative or just want to argue something for no reason are the absolute worst and need to go away forever?

look at what this other guy wrote to me a while back...

Is it really that serious? I do appreciate the power I have to get a rise out of people by just posting images (I also appreciate the power I have to ruin cinema) but still...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this latest entry made up of comparisons by filmmakers who were either directly influenced by Tarkovsky (as in, they said it themselves in books and interviews that people are obviously not reading) or have worked under older filmmakers (Carlos Reygadas) who were heavily influenced by Tarkovsky and it may have rubbed off in one way or another (Amat Escalante).

Oh and yes I admit that some of these are complete reaches (the David Gordon Green comparisons) but they still look cool next to each other. Enjoy...
Stalker / 4

Sacrifice / There Will Be Blood

Andrei Rublev / Wicker Man

Solaris / Les Rendezvous D'Anna

Stalker / The Untamed

Solaris / The Untamed

Ivan's Childhood / Undertow

Andrei Rublev / Undertow


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