Friday, November 17, 2017


I have stolen so much from Tarkovsky over the years... - Lars Von Trier

I admit that some of what you're about to see below is totally coincidental and forced on my part. But nevertheless - you have to admit that these comparisons do look interesting next to each other.

Notice the framing & composition of the child tilting his head towards the camera in Nostalghia next to the opening scene from Gone Girl or the placement of the dog in On The Beach Alone At Night...
The scenes in Onibaba could very well just be a coincidence but they do look similar to the scenes in Ivan’s Childhood which did come before it.
And I don’t even think it’s up for debate when it comes to the well scene in The Element Of Crime (see Lars Von Trier’s quote at the start of this piece)

Nostalghia / Gone Girl

Ivan's Childhood / Onibaba

Ivan's Childhood / The Element Of Crime

Solaris Electric Relaxation

Solaris / LK de L'Hotel Moscou

Solaris / The Addiction

Solaris / Song To Song

Nostalghia / On The Beach Alone At Night

Solaris / The Empty Box


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