Friday, January 20, 2012


As it turns out there's quite a few directors, producers, actors & actresses who can be reached without an agent or some type of contact person. Well, I'm taking advantage of that and starting a new series on PINNLAND EMPIRE called; "5 Questions". Instead of a long drawn out interview that I'm sure most filmmakers and actors dread (especially from no-name bloggers) I'm gonna throw 5 quick questions at 'em. The rules are: everyone (and you wont believe some of the filmmakers & actors I got to do this) gets the same first two questions, then 2 custom questions designed just for them, then a final random question with a possible bonus question.
First up, Alice Houri...
Alice and the films she's acted in ('The Pornographer', 'The Secret of The Grain', 'Nenette & Boni', etc) are a regular topic of conversation here at PINNLAND EMPIRE. I'd rather not flatter her again, so to read how cool she is, check out my blog entry from back in May from my first (quick) trip to Paris titled; "My Dinner With Alice"

1. What are the last 3 movies you saw?

Alice Houri: yesterday I saw "Double indemnity" by Billy Wilder. A classic, a genius. Barbara Stanwyck was stunningly excellent! I had a really good time. Last sunday I saw "Shame" by Steve MacQueen. Great movie! The best i have seen in months. The day before I saw "Le Havre" by Kaurismaki (it didn't work for me, i got bored).

Bonus: my week was very "let s go to a movie". I also saw "let my people go" by Mikael Buch. Its a french comedy. In my opinion, not sooo bad for a french comedy (but the main actor is good), and 'A dangerous method' by Cronenberg. I found it well done but without the madness

2. Who, in your opinion, is the best active filmmaker working right now?

AH: Open question. Hard to tell...but i will answer: Asghar Farhadi (winner of the golden bear at last years berlin film fest). He's a maestro of suspense. I cant wait for his next film.

3. US Go Home, the first movie you ever acted in, has become one of the most rare/unseen modern films in recent years (especially for people outside of France). Given Claire Denis' growing international popularity (especially in recent years with '35 Shots of Rum' and 'White Material') do you think there will ever be a chance that 'US Go Home' will get some kind of release on DVD?

AH: I really don't know but i would love that! Maybe it's something you can deal with.

4. Your performance in 'The Secret Of The Grain' seemed very emotionally draining, while your performance in 'The Pornographer' was very laid back, calm and toned down (similar to the acting in a Bresson film). As an actress, what kind of preparation do you do to go from one extreme emotion to the other?

AH: They are 2 different movies. Different styles and different stories. I feel lucky because I've worked with filmmakers who have a very strong and personal universe. As an actor it's the best comfort. You just had to stay available to absorb this universe and translate as the director is asking you to. In an internal way (like 'the pornographer') or in a hysterical way('Secret Of The Grain'). It s a work of collaboration.

5. Am I (Marcus) your #1 fan?

AH: OF COURSE YOU ARE!the president!

*BONUS QUESTION: You've acted in 2 films with Vincent Gallo ('US Go Home' & 'Nenette & Boni'), and made a cameo appearance in a 3rd film with him ('Trouble Every Day'). I have to ask, what is Vincent Gallo like in real life? (you don't have to get too personal or say anything you don't want too, haha)

I was a teen but if I remember correctly, Gallo was crazy, megalo, in love with himself, attractive, temperamental, sexy, self confident, fragile, boor, a gentleman, kind, mean, open minded, narrow minded, etc. Mostly, he's really funny. You cant get bored.


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