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The more of these i do the more I'm starting to think that John Lurie should take Kevin Bacon's place as the "6 Degrees of..." guy. Season 3 of Fishing With John probably has the most diverse lineup yet, with guests ranging from talk show hosts to semi-militant black directors. It would get such great ratings that the show would go on to be signed for 2 more imaginary seasons. And just like the last one (fishing with john: season two) we're going to keep within the time period that season 3 would have taken place (probably around 1994).

EPISODE 301: Arto Lindsay
Arto Linday (far left) w/ John Lurie (middle) in The Lounge Lizards

1. The Lounge Lizards
2. Both make appearances in 'Downtown 81' & 'Desperatley Seeking Susan'

I figured we'd start season 3 off with a guest that's not all that recognizable (Arto Lindsay) but is still an important figure in the world of music (experimental/punk/noisy/john zorn-ish/new york city artsy music to be exact). But don't worry, we've still got plenty of well known people lined up for season 3. Lindsay has collaborated with everyone from Daivd Byrne to hip-hop artist Beans and of course was the front man for the band DNA. His music has been featured on the soundtracks of 'Downtown 81' and 'Blue In The Face', he makes a cameo appearance in 'Desperatley Seeking Susan' (along with John Lurie and a few others) and was a fixture in the new york city art scene of the 80's. In this episode John Lurie and his former bandmate Lindsay would travel to some random place in Brazil and after they were done fishing they'd put on a performance of loud, noisy, punk-influenced jazz music for the confused locals.

EPISODE 302: Harvey Keitel
Keitel & Lurie in 'The Last Temptation'

1. Have appeared in numerous movies together (The Last Temptation Of Christ, Blue In The Face, Smoke)
2. John Lurie did the soundtrack for a movie Keitel was in (Get Shorty)

Around the time this episode would have aired Harvey Keitel would've been riding high on his early 90's comeback (Reservoir Dogs, Bugsy, Bad Lieutenant, Thelma & Louise and The Piano). 'Smoke' (in which John Lurie has an uncredited role and provided additional music) and 'Pulp Fiction' were on the verge of being released, so Keitel was pretty much the man. Less than a year later Lurie would have a bigger role in the sequel to Smoke; 'Blue In The Face', which also starred Keitel. 

EPISODE 303: Rockets Redglare
Rockets & Lurie in 'Stranger Than Paradise'

1. Close friends in real life
2. Have been involved in numerous movies together (stranger than paradise, down by law, mystery train, etc)

Some of you may not know Rockets Redglare by name but i can almost guarantee you've seen him in something. Aside from the many independent films he's acted in, he's also been in studio films like 'Desperately Seeking Susan' and 'Big' (remember he was the landlord in the building Tom Hanks lived in). To say Rockets is a "character" is an understatement. He's another guy who emerged from the "No Wave" scene like Steve Buscemi, Vincent Gallo, Jean Michel Basquiat, etc etc. He's also pretty notorious outside of film as he was Syd Vicious' bodyguard at one point. His loud, abrasive, "new york attitude" would be great entertainment. For this episode they would have to get a big boat, as Rockets Redglare was a large fella.

EPISODE 304: Conan O'Brien
John Lurie on Conan in '98

1. Lurie wrote the theme song for Conan's show and was a musical guest

This might be one of the best ones yet. We've all seen Conan O'Brien go hunting with Hunter S. Thompson so I'm sure he'd be right at home on a fishing show. Judging from the interaction they had with each other on Conan's show (video below), there would clearly be some good chemistry between these 2 and Conan would naturally be a hilarious guest.

EPISODE 305: Billy Martin & John Medski (of Medeski, Martin & Wood)

Billy Martin & John Lurie
1. Have collaborated on numerous music projects with John Lurie

Growing up in a mostly white liberal college town (and eventually working in an independent record store when i was in high school), it was almost impossible to NOT hear "madeski, martin & wood" mentioned at least 10 times a day, every day. I don't think I've actually listened to a Madeski, Martin & Wood song all the way through because that kinda music treads WAY too close to hippie culture, but for some strange reason i know all about them. Now i am a huge fan of their work with John Lurie and around this time, Medeski Martin & Wood were pretty popular and this would be the first episode with multiple guests

EPISODE 306: Spike Lee
None that I'm aware of

Much like the season 2  finale with Werner Herzog, there isn't much of a connection between John Lurie and this guest. Although Spike Lee is friends with Jim Jarmusch, they were both involved in films that were up for the same award at Cannes in '89 (mystery train and do the right thing) and Spike Lee did threaten to beat John Lurie's other good friend Wim Wenders (who was an imaginary guest on imaginary season 2) with a baseball bat, so I'm sure they'd have plenty to talk about. And both Lee and Lurie are important figures in the NYC film scene, so it does make some sense. Plus i doubt Spike Lee has ever fished in his life, so this would be funny.


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