Thursday, August 11, 2011


We're back with season 4! The show is now a hit and there's even rumors of knock-off/copycat shows being kicked around all the major television studios so this year we gotta come correct and show everyone who's the boss. Lurie was able to lock down some of the BIGGEST names in the shows history (but don't worry. he hasn't "sold out" or anything. we still have typical "john lurie" guests as well). We even have our first female guest. Its perfect that season 4 takes place in 1995. It was a helluva year for Mr. Lurie ('Get Shorty' and 'Blue In Face' were both released in '95)...

EPISODE 401: Mike Tyson

None that I'm aware of, but i received a facebook message from Lurie (i hope its him) mentioning Mike Tyson as one of his dream guests

Assuming this is really from John Lurie (and I hope it is), I'll go ahead and assume he's been reading these and I'll take this as a request. How PERFECT would this be? If I'm following the correct timeline, season 4 would be in 1995, which is the year Mike Tyson was released from prison. What better way to relax after a prison stint (after being convicted for something you probably didn't even do) than to go fishing with a laid back guy like John Lurie? Now that the show has gotten so big (in my imaginary world), its only right to spread out and invite more guests that don't really know John personally (like herzog in imaginary season 2 or spike lee in imaginary season 3). Normally a guest like this (one of the greatest boxers to ever live that just got released from prison) would be a great season finale, but why make the people wait? Lets start season 4 off with a bang. And besides, we got a great season finale guest anyway. I just hope Mike Tyson doesn't have the same love for fish that he does for pigeons because if he does this is gonna be an awkward episode. I'm not sure where they'd go to fish but it couldn't be that far as I'm sure it would be against his parole to venture too far out of new york.

EPISODE 402 & 403: Danny Devito, Gene Hackman & John Travolta

1. John Lurie did music for 'Get Shorty'

Here's another episode with multiple guests like we did with Billy Martin and John Medeski last season. To celebrate the release of 'Get Shorty' (Lurie did the soundtrack), the stars of the film would get together on a big yacht and go fishing somewhere in L.A. In 1995 John Travolta, who would probably be the one providing the yacht, was officially back thanks to 'Pulp Fiction', and his popularity continued with 'Get Shorty' (a film quite similar to 'Pulp Fiction' if you ask me, but whatever...). I'm sure many jokes would be told and a good time would be had by all in this 2-part episode. 

EPISODE 404: Victor Argo
Argo (left) w/ Lurie (right) in 'The Last Temptation Christ
1. Appeared in 3 films together (last temptation of christ, blue in the face and smoke)

Victor Argo is one of my all time favorite actors. He may not be as popular as his peers like Harvey Keitel or Deniro, but he's still great and was one of Scorsese's original regular actors. Lurie and Argo should be familiar with one another seeing is that they were involved in numerous films together. I see the 2 of them going somewhere in Brooklyn to fish in celebration of the release of 'Blue In Face' (another film released in 1995), which is a movie about Brooklyn. Victor Argo would later go on to co-star in 'Ghost Dog' directed by Lurie's friend Jim Jarmusch.

EPISODE 405: Fab 5 Freddy
1. Both came from the same no wave/nyc early 80's scene, and knew a lot of the same people

At this time MTV was still actually playing music videos and even though '95 was the final year for YO! MTV Raps (i don't count that comeback they tried to do years later), most people knew who Fab 5 Freddy was even if they didn't listen to hip-hop. Much like previous imaginary guests, Lurie and Freddy could share stories about Jean Michel Basqiuat and the early 80's nyc art scene while they fished in some exotic place far away.

EPISODE 406: Madonna
Madonna's cameo in 'Blue In The Face'
1. Madonna has a cameo in 'Blue In The Face'
2. John Lurie has a cameo in 'Desperatley Seeking Susan'

Wow, this is pretty historic as its the first female guest to go fishing with John. ...and its Madonna?! They must have crossed paths in life more than once. They've been in the same movies and both started their careers out in nyc. People weren't as annoyed with Madonna in the mid 90's as they are now (the Kabbalah trend, the British accent, her trying to be this political pundit, etc). We need to make sure this show stays on the air, so we gotta go big. Madonna = Ratings. Whats funny is that i think Madonna is a vegetarian. And if she isn't, I'm sorry for the mistake, but she comes off as one of those people that's against killing animals. Somehow the title of the show would have slipped past Madonna until she showed up for the filming of the episode and she'd spend the entire show arguing with John about how its wrong to kill fish. Everyone loves drama, especially on reality television, so this would be a perfect end to a great season.


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