Friday, April 12, 2019


I have no way of proving that most of these comparisons hold any weight. Lars Von Trier (Antichrist) has made his love for Dreyer known on many occasions, and it isn't completely out of left field to assume filmmakers like Ingmar Bergman & Tarkovsky (the generation that came after Dreyer) had some subconscious residue of influence. Ingmar Bergman has openly called Carl Theodor Dreyer an "amateur" yet at the same time he has also admitted that Dreyer's films "infected" him...

But beyond that, these are completely speculative (I doubt Sylvester Stallone, John Hughes or Charles Laughton set out to mimic or pay homage to Carl Theodor Dreyer in their respective works). I feel like I have to say that given the emotional & weirdly butt-hurt twitter cinephiles that get worked up over these movie comparisons (I know it's a crazy concept to accept that one filmmaker borrowed from another or that two unrelated moving images look similar when lined up next to each other)..

Vampyr / Andrei Rublev

Vampyr /
The Witch

Vampyr /

Ordet / The Night Of The Hunter

Ordet / The Hour Of The Wolf

The Passion Of Joan Of Arc / The Blair Witch Project

The Passion Of Joan Of Arc / Vera Drake

The Passion Of Joan Of Arc / To The Wonder

Vampyr / Mandy

The Passion Of Joan Of Arc / Creepshow

The Passion Of Joan Of Arc / Lil Quinquin

The Passion Of Joan Of Arc / Un Chein Andalou

Vampyr / Meshes Of The Afternoon

Once Upon A Time / Marie Antoinette

Vampyr / Home Alone
The Passion Of Joan Of Arc / Bad Lieutenant

The Passion Of Joan Of Arc /
Throne Of Blood

Ordet / Rocy 3 / Magnolia

Ordet / The Sound Of Music / Trouble Every Day


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