Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thanks for reading...

So I recently got a message from the screenwriter and producer of a certain movie for my not-so kind words...

I dunno, I find it kinda awesome that he sought me out and mentioned me in the same sentence as Olivier Assayas (a PINNLAND EMPIRE favorite who we talk about on here all the time)! But I gotta be honest; I don't know how he went from Olivier Assayas's opinion (award winning director who I consider to be one of the 10 best working directors at the moment) to...mine. Marcus. An autocad designer/DJ/and wanna-be film critic. If someone like Olivier Assayas likes 'Road To Nowhere' then just go with that. That's awesome. Good for you (and I mean that). Actually, I was in Paris last week and picked up a copy of the latest edition of Cahier Du Cinema (a publication I respect very much). Quite a few of the writers included the film on their top 10 lists. But for some reason you're concerned about my opinion, huh? Why worry about what a random person on the Internet has to say about your movie? I wonder if this guy has sent a personal message to every (legit) movie critic, blogspotter or word presser who had something bad to say about 'Road To Nowhere'. BECAUSE IF THATS THE CASE HE'D BE PRETTY BUSY. I know PINNLAND EMPIRE is awesome but wow. We only have 27 followers (some of which I essentially had to force to follow haha). I'm baffled. But in a good way. What makes PINNLAND EMPIRE so special? And what's so great is at this point you can't say something like; "actually there isn't anything special about your blog blahblahblah" because you took the time out to send me a message. Clearly my opinion matters. Thanks for verifying that.
I mean, I get're a producer/screenwriter that puts in all this work on a film, then some random guy with an opinion who's never even attempted to make a movie comes along, writes a few discouraging paragraphs, pisses on the intellect of people who do like the film and then walks away. But at the end of the day I'm just voicing my opinion like any other wanna-be film critic with a blogspot or wordpress. I'm pretty sure I have the right to do that, right?? 
And as far as "pissing" on the intellect of people who happen to like 'Road To Nowhere' goes, why is it that all of the devoted fans of the film that I've come across do JUST THAT to people who DON'T like it? Sorry but it works both ways. When fans of 'Road To Nowhere' stop taking that "you don't get it? oh, you must like everything spelled out for you, huh?" mentality (which I've heard plenty of them express), then I'll ease back on my opinions (actually no I wont).
Oh and if you happen to speak to Olivier Assayas any time soon please direct him to PINNLAND EMPIRE. I have nothing but great things to say about him. Irma Vep and Demonlover are two of my recent favorite films.

Thanks for reading.


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