Friday, June 24, 2011


Peter Falk, an icon of both Television and Film, has passed away today. May he rest in piece. Now, instead of flooding facebook with a bunch of youtube clips one after another like I usually do when someone I admire dies, I figured I'd put them all in this one blog entry and not annoy my facebook friends who don't share the same feelings I do for Mr. Falk.
Surprisingly enough, almost all of my favorite movie clips of his are on youtube (but the clips from 'Wing Of Desire' are pretty slim). And I didn't really watch 'Columbo' (although i do obviously realize that's what he'll always be known for), so I'd feel like a fraud posting a bunch of clips from a TV show that I didn't really know.
And I realize that we've lost a lot of important actors & artists in 2011 so far (most notably Elizabeth Taylor) and I haven't made a blog entry about them, but due to Peter Falk's life-long connection to John Cassavetes (one of my all time favorite directors who I constantly mention on this blog) this passing holds a little more importance to me.


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